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Growing strawberries!

Albion strawberriesThis is really my first year at actually getting any fruit from my strawberry plants and I have to say they can be quite a frustrating crop. Last year I planted the variety ‘Albion’ which grew a lot of leaves but only managed about two flowers and no strawberries. However we had a rotten summer so I blame the weather fully for that!

This year I am pleased to say that they have again produced lots of leaves and runners but joy of joy I now have an abundance of strawberries and they are BIG – about three times the size of normal strawberries and stay lovely and firm unlike some of my other varieties which seem to go from ripe to spoiled in the space of about an hour! (hence the frustration part!) You wait and wait and wait for them to get red all over and then you turn your back for five mins and they are starting to rot! But not with ‘Albion’, they are producing lots of lovely tasting strawberries.

I have three other varieties on the go at the moment including one from QVC which have turned out to be very disappointing and another from Suttons called ‘Tarpan‘ which has had an abundance of red flowers (very pretty and attractive) and lots of dainty oval strawberries with a lovely sweet flavour.

My final strawberries are a mystery as I either forgot to label them when I planted them in the tub or the label got lost and while I have been getting three or four strawberries a week they are the ones that go from almost ripe to over-ripe very quickly so will probably throw them in the compost at the end of the year and stick to ‘Albion’ and ‘Tarpan’ and from perusing the Suttons catalogue think I will aim for ‘Lucy’ next year also as it says it likes the rain which is ideal and should stop them spoiling too soon!

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