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My first strawberry

I am fully aware that MANY people will have had lots of strawberries already.  A friend of mine has already had over 8lbs!  But I planted mine late and probably not in the best place.  I don’t care, because this is my first-ever, self grown strawberry.  The variety is Tarpan which has, unusually, red flowers and not the standard white.  I am promised tasty oval fruit from the pretty red flowers that it is currently covered in.  I can also vouch for the fact that it is very easy to grow.

I am incredibly excited – but I must be patient.   Will let you know how it tastes.  DSC05257

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2 thoughts on “My first strawberry”

  1. CYeoh says:

    Hi Diva, (I wish I had thought of that handle!). Well I completely didn’t label mine but luckily they were easy to identify as they were (obviously) from Suttons and these are the only red flowered strawberries that we do at the moment. I ATE my first strawberry the other day… yummy. Mine aren’t doing that well, for various reasons but I am hoping to keep them alive for next year. Wish me luck! (Goodness knows they and all my plants need it!)

  2. Gardening Diva says:

    Hi there

    I also have red flowers from this batch of strawberry plants I got from Dobies this year. They are flowering really well and such a pretty flower! Had no idea what the name was as I wrote my labels with a pen that washed off in the rain, but now I know. Have only had one strawberry so far but hoping for more.

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