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My Garden Diary. – Reminders for November 1914


The Vegetable seeds to be sown this month are few, and although success depends on the character of the season, it is advisable to risk, on dry soil, a small breadth of a hardy Pea such as Sutton’s Bountiful, and a few rows of Broad Bean.

Where ample warmth can be depended on, sow Cucumber for first crop in houses or pits : the plants must be kept near the glass to ensure sufficient light. Melon can be started also, but there is a risk of the fruit being deficient in flavour, and unless the appliances are reliable it is wise to wait till after Christmas. Mustard and Cress must be sown weekly. Should Lettuce run short, sow in boxes and cut the young plant in the same way as Mustard. Sow Carrot in a frame, and repeat the sowing every three or four weeks until February. Sow Cucumber again.

Before inclement weather sets in, it is advisable to lay the heads of Broccoli towards the north and to remove Cauliflowers to frames. Lift Mint and Tarragon for forcing indoors or in frames. Preserve Celery from frost.

Continue to make up Mushroom beds at intervals. In the same house Sea Kale can be forced.

Dig Jerusalem Artichokes as required. Protect Globe Artichokes. Clear and manure Asparagus if omitted last month. Take up and store Horse-radish. Lift Scorzonera and Salsify and store in sand.

The work among Flowers is of a routine character ; watering, cleansing from insect pests, and keeping the glass clean to admit all the light possible, are tasks that scarcely need to be enforced. Potting on, in most cases, must be deferred till the new year. Various plants may now be introduced into forcing heat.

Beds of Tulip bulbs are generally planted in the early part of this month. If from any cause there has been delay in planting other bulbs, no time must be lost now.

More retarded crowns of Lily of the Valley should be placed in heat ; also Deutzias, Lilacs, Spiraeas, Azalea mollis, and other forcing plants. Pot Lilium lancifolium.

When Achimenes, Begonias, Gesneras, and Gloxinias are properly dried off the tubers should be cleaned and carefully stored.

Those who have not previously sown Cyclamen should not fail to get seed in now. The prudent gardener will not rely on a single sowing for a display of this attractive winter flower.

Irregularities in lawns should receive attention, and grass which needs top-dressing may be covered with a thin layer of finely sifted leaf-soil or decayed stable manure.


1.    Salmon fishing with rod and line ends.
2.    Fox hunting begins. Ordinary day of election of Borough and County Councillors. Holiday on Stock Exchange. Full Moon, 11.49 p.m.
7.    Transit of the planet Mercury across the Sun’s disc, visible at Greenwich.
9.    Lord Mayor’s Day. Mayors and Aldermen of Boroughs to be elected.
10.    Last quarter, 11.37 p.m.
11.    Half-Quarter Day. Martinmas.
12.    County Sheriffs for next year nominated.
17.    New Moon, 4.2 p.m.
24.    Old Martinmas Day. First Quarter, 1.39 p.m.
29.    Advent Sunday.
30.    St. Andrew’s Day. Tweed rod fishing ends.

Barometer, 20.756 in.            Temperature, 43.5 deg. Fahr.
Rainfall, 2.18 in.            Rainfall for November 1914……………………

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