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In Your Garden in August

Sweet Peas at sunset Suttons

We had a bit of a scorcher throughout July up and down the country, and had a one day heat wave on the 1st August. We were intrigued to see what it was like up and down the country so asked you on our Facebook page how hot it was in your gardens and the responses ranged from 28 degrees in Aberdeen, 30 degrees here in Devon, to 33 degrees in Manchester. This heat really has made our gardens flourish.

As with any excessive heat keeping your plants well watered is essential.mulch It’s common knowledge to water in the evenings and water at the root not on the leaves. There are lots of other tips and tricks and one of the most effective comes from our trial grounds where we plant through a ground cover such as this 100% biodegradable Mulch Film, it stops the weeds, retains moisture and biodegrades adding vital nutrients into the soil.

If using small greenhouses and tunnels, airflow is essential (to minimise high and low temp fluctuations ). Use a shade net or spray on shading paint, to minimize the effect of the sun. the shade net can also  be used on your outdoor crops.

There are still a few tasks to be done through August such as regular weeding (some veg and flowers can be sown from seed too) but in most cases its about enjoying the flowers, and picking your harvest.

Onions and garlicAs many varieties of peas and beans come to fruition, the challenge for gardeners is to replace them with some more productive plants so consider onion sets or garlic.tomato

Your tomatoes should be coming along nicely, to get the best results the side-shoots on tomatoes should be pinched out regularly and the leading shoots tied to the supports.
For a full breakdown of what to do in your garden in August, including how to care for your lawn, more veg, fruit and flower tips, please take a look at our handy free guide.

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