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Adrian Bloom says

Creating drama and excitement in the year round garden, is a title of one of my lectures, and it has been very much my mission to inspire others over many years, however small or large their garden, to help them create their own inspirational planting.Adrian Bloom

This is one reason why i am pleased to begin, what i hope will be a fruitful association with Suttons and their catalogue and online business. Our joint aim is to provide an informative gardener- friendly catalogue, first class service and plants with ideas as to how to use them in the garden. like gardening, nothing (usually) happens overnight, but we hope that you will find our new joint venture helpful in your selection of plants.

Now to perennials and grasses… Throughout the Suttons range i recommend some of the best species and cultivars that i have used widely in gardens, here at Bressingham, Norfolk and other countries on the principle that less can be more.

It is that principle that led to my recent book Bloom’s Best Perennials and Grasses, which i hope, if you obtain a copy, you will find gives much more detail about some of the best perennials and grasses to make a success of your garden.

Lastly, hopefully inspired by Suttons Seeds please take time to look at our Bressingham Gardens Website, and consider paying us a visit (open 10.30am to 5pm each day from April 1st to November 2nd).

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