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Another tip from Toby at the trials grounds!

At this time of year broad beans are just starting to germinate, however many gardeners have problems with birds pinching plants as they start to emerge from the soil.

This is inevitable as there is not much food around for birds at the moment and they see an oppurtunity! However to keep your broad beans safe from birds use garden fleece when you sow them. Prepare the soil ready for seed as usual and sow your chosen variety and then cover the seed bed with garden fleece (making sure you weigh it down around the edges or it will fly off!) The picture below is when the beans are most vulnerable to bird damage :

Then two weeks later the beans are strong enough to be able to uncover them and start preparing their supports:

As well as making sure the beans are safe Toby has been making supports for the sweet peas he has planted:

And the rhubarb that was forced on earlier in the spring is looking really good:

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