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COMING SOON – Brand New Spring Flowers, Bulbs and Perennials Catalogue

Suttons Bulb Catalogue 2009 - Early versionThe latest Bulb catalogue has just landed on my desk.  It has the prettiest snow drop on the front cover.  In this catalogue you will find all the flowers that herald the beginning of Spring.  Daffodils of every shape and size.  Tulips in every colour of the rainbow.  Crocuses, snowdrops, irises and many, many more.  We send them direct to your door at the perfect time for planting.  You plant them in your garden or in containers on your patio or balcony and then just leave them… that’s it.  They will bring colour to your garden every spring for years to come.

 We have also expanded our fruit range this year including the yummy tasting Honeyberry and the Super-Sweet Blackberry Ouachita which are are virtually thornless and produces lots of extremely large, sweet flavoured fruit. 

If you have bought bulbs from us before you will be receiving your copy in the next couple of weeks.  If you haven’t but would like to have a look at the catalogue click on this link and we will send your copy to you as soon as we can.  Alternatively, the products from this catalogue will be on our website by the end of next week.   Isn’t the internet fab?

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