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Help ladybirds to help us

Ladybirds are natural predators of aphids

Ladybirds are natural predators of aphids

Ladybirds are an attractive sight in any garden but they are also a great help to gardeners because they are a natural predator of aphids such as greenfly, blackfly and whitefly. So here’s a simple tip to help your plants to survive and thrive – when you see  a ladybird in the garden, pick it up and place it in your greenhouse or on your roses, fruit trees or anything you’re worried about. It will make itself at home in no time and hungrily devour the pests.

And don’t forget that you can attract more ladybirds with a Ladybird Tower or a Bug Box.

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One thought on “Help ladybirds to help us”

  1. AlisonC says:

    I can see it might be a good idea to move a ladybird into a greenhouse if it couldn’t get in otherwise, but I’m not sure I understand the rationale for moving it from one garden plant to another – the ones here seem quite good at finding aphids for themselves!

    I would have thought a better way to help ladybirds would be to avoid using pesticides that destroy their food supplies, and possibly harm the ladybirds as well?

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