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New Early Delivery Option

Our 2017 Seed Catalogue launches our brand new Early Delivery option, on selected plants. Last frost dates differ from region to region and some gardeners are able to provide plants will more protection than others. In fact, so many customers have asked for this option that we’ve listened and invested in the necessary changes to make it happen.

So what is the early delivery option?

We will grow a batch of each of the selected varieties for early delivery, i.e. mid-April. Many areas of the country will still be experiencing late frosts and cold weather and so these plants will need protection in a greenhouse, conservatory or windowsill.

What are the benefits of early delivery?

The sooner you start growing then the sooner your veg and flower plants will start producing! Providing you can offer protection taking advantage of the early delivery options means you will:
– Eat the earliest ripe tomatoes
– Harvest the most cucumbers
– Enjoy the earliest and best value flower displays

How will I know which plants are available for early delivery?

All plants available for early delivery will display the following logo.

early-iconWhen adding the plants to your basket simply select the early option. Two weeks before despatch we will send you an email reminder that they are due. Please bear in mind that we can only do so if you have provided your email address! We will also email despatch notification to you, confirming that your plants are on their way.

If you don’t select the early option, then we will assume that you don’t want it and will despatch your plants at the normal time.

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