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Seed Catalogue… done

Suttons Catalogue 2010It’s finished!  The shiny new Suttons 2010 Annual catalogues are finally printed, bound and landed on my desk this morning.  Postman permitting – we are expecting these to land on our customers’ doorsteps in the third week of October.

We really hope you like it.  We have tried to create an easy to use catalogue packed with our complete range of tasty fruit and vegetables, beautiful flowers and inspiring new varieties.

Highlights include the new Tomato F1 Zebrino.  This excellent variety with its meaty flesh (perfect for the BBQ) will produce a good crop of attractive striped fruit.  The vegetable seed buyer was telling me that these performed brilliantly in our trials and I can’t wait to try it!

Following on from my very average success with veg growing – am thinking about fruit.  I already have a blueberry bush (which I am slightly concerned about – but that’s another story) but the yummy sounding “Honeyberry” has caught my eye.  Plus – they are drought tolerant – which is perfect for me and my rubbishness at remembering to water my pots.

I already have some bulbs in my garden which I scattered about in a very haphazard manner and are a lovely surprise when the flowers pop up.  Some lillies popped up a few weeks ago which I had completely forgotten about :).  I think I am going to write about this on another blog…

I have just had a chat with our flower plant buyer, who is fully aware of my (lack of) gardening ability.  He has suggested Begonia Bonfire.  Easy to look after,  still in full flower in late September and looks absolutely stunning.  Sounds good to me!

We would love to hear what you think of the next catalogue when you get it!  Look out for it third week of October.

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