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Suttons at the Malvern Spring Show

Thought you might like to take a look at the Suttons ‘Five a day’ feast garden at the Malvern Show.  Packed full of examples of how to grow the maximum of veg in the minimum of space it raised a lot of interest from the show visitors.

We put together a variety of containers from the more traditional raised bed, through car tyres and even a old bath. It just shows that you don’t need to trip to the garden centre (or even the Malvern Show) to find the perfect container for your veg!

The Suttons ‘Five a day’ feast garden at the Malvern Spring Show

Included in our garden were Suttons ‘turbo’ grafted vegetable plants.  The stars of the garden, our Tomatoes, Aubergines, Cucumbers and Peppers showed just how large and abundant these vegetables can grow.  Though we had to confess that our veggies had been brought on early for the show and specially nurtured at our trial ground to be ready in mid May.

The Three Counties show ground certainly is in a beautiful part of the country and it was wonderful to be able to look up from our show stand and look at the Malvern Hills towering above.  Every evening we planned to climb to the top but each day we found ourselves thwarted – either because we were preparing for the next day or it was raining.  Maybe next year….

For more information about our ‘Five A Day Feast’ Garden, watch our behind the scenes video here.

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