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Top potatoes

Congratulations are due to Year One at Nelmes Primary School who are the winners of the Sun’s School Potato Growing Competition. Suttons are supporting The Potato Council’s ‘Grow your Own Potatoes’ schools competition by donating a laptop computer as a prize. This is the second year that Suttons have supported this initiative in this way.

Championed by Peter Seabrook of The Sun, the Grow Your Own Potatoes educational project has grabbed interest from teachers and pupils alike and provides supporting resources for many principles such as growing your potatoes and healthy eating. There are a wide range of fun activities such as planting and harvesting, cooking and eating your own crop ! So well done to the kids at Nelmes Primary and we’re looking to forward to next year already.

This year one laptop will be presented to the school that produces the largest size potato by weight and the other laptop will be provided to the school which produces the largest number of potatoes.
Laptop computers have been selected by Suttons as they offer schools the greatest flexibility in access for children, even those who do not have a computer at home.

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