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Combatting Slugs – ‘au naturel’

Slug Gone

The scourge of our flower beds and veg plots, the humble slug is quite a nuisance, devouring your prized plants overnight and leaving silvery trails across the garden.  There are so many ways you can dispose of slugs but they still come back for more.  Some people use slug pellets, which are effective but can be toxic to other animals and children, so please use with care.
Traditional methods such as copper rings around plants and beer traps have a place but we have found one of the most effective slug deterrents is “au naturel” , the not so humble sheep wool in the shape of Slug Gone.Slug Gone Pellets
These pure sheep wool pellets are a chemical-free, environmentally friendly way to protect plants from slugs and snails. Simply scatter and water in, and the pellets not only deter slugs, but also act as a long-lasting mulch which retains moisture and suppresses weeds, biodegrading over 6 to 14 months, releasing organic nutrients and improving the condition of the soil as it does so.
Our 10 litre pack will protect up to 60 plants so if you are fed up with slugs and want a safe organic solution then look no further.

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One thought on “Combatting Slugs – ‘au naturel’”

  1. Human hair works well too, so save those clippings from the hairdressers 🙂

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