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Best flowers for tricky areas

Orange alstroemeria flowers in container

Are you struggling to find the perfect flower for a tricky corner of your garden? Whether you need a flush of blooms to brighten up a shady border, or flowers that flourish in harsh coastal conditions, we’ve got plenty of ideas to share. Whatever challenge you’re trying to solve, our horticultural team is on hand to help you find the best blooms for your garden.

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Best flowers for partial shade

Pale pink and white double hellebore
Hellebores like ‘Double Ellen Pink’ provide an early season source of nectar for pollinators
©Hoogeveen / Visions BV, Netherlands

Not all flowers require full sun to perform at their best. In fact there are many varieties that prefer to bloom in partial shade. If you’re looking to add a splash of colour to a gloomy corner, here are some suggestions from our collection of shade-loving plants:

Looking for more information and advice? You’ll find expert advice on growing plants for shade in our helpful article.

Best drought-resistant flowers for dry borders

Orange helianthemum flowers
Use Helianthemum in rockeries or edging gravel gardens
Image: Helianthemum Bronze Carpet from Suttons

All plants require watering until they get established, but many varieties can cope with dry conditions once they find their feet. For the best results, start your own from seed or buy small plug plants that can gradually acclimatise to the conditions as they grow. For a dry garden that doesn’t get much water, try from our collection of drought-tolerant plants

Looking for more information and advice? You’ll find expert advice on growing drought-tolerant plants in our helpful article.

Best flowers for exposed coastal conditions

Blue and green eryngium flowers
Use eryngium in eye-catching dried flower displays
Image: Eryngium Planum Blue Hobbit from Suttons

Strong, cold winds are one of the biggest problems in coastal gardens. Evergreen hedging plants can provide some protection from a stiff, salty breeze and allow you to choose from a wider variety of plants. Here are some of our favourite flowers for tricky coastal conditions:

Choosing the right plant for the right place is a simple way to make sure your garden thrives. This is particularly true of flowers, and each bloom needs the correct soil type, temperature and light levels to grow successfully. Not sure when to sow your flower seeds? Check out our monthly sowing guides for top tips.

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