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Care in the Community Plants

Each season Suttons send out millions of plants. They make their way to their final destination, without any difficulty, ready to be nurtured and to grow into healthy flowers and vegetables.

Michelle 1Sometimes, just sometimes, for whatever reason, some don’t arrive and are lost somewhere in the postal system. What happens to them? I hear you ask. Well, some of them are returned to us. They arrive dejected, battered and a little worse for wear, but can usually be salvaged and quickly find new homes.

There are a few, however, that do not make it. These poor specimens are destined to be consigned to the compost bin and this was to be the fate of eight, small, brown, shrivelled, plants that turned up one morning.

There was something about them that made me want to rescue them from taking their last journey to the bin. After giving them a drink, a few hours later a hint of green could be seen amongst the dried leaves. These became my project, my Care-in-the-Community plants.

Day by day with regular watering, plenty of light, and occasionally a stiff talking to, these plants began to grow, produce new leaves, and look Michelle 2much happier. There was one niggling question, what were they? I knew they were some type flower, but what sort? I would have to wait and see. The wonderful day came when I had eight healthy plants and it was time to put them into the garden. I have no beds and borders in my small Devon garden and grow most things in pots and hanging baskets. Some of my foster plants were put in pots and some joined my petunias in hanging baskets and then all I could do was watch and wait.

My care-in-the-community plants grew rapidly, spreading and filling the pots and baskets, and were soon reaching for the sky. It was now obvious that these plants were Verbena Bonariensis, a plant with a glorious profusion of spikey leaves and delicate lilac and purple flowers. They look stunning in my pots added an exquisite, dainty and elegant aspect to my garden. My hanging baskets, I must admit, look a little strange, but I really didn’t mind as my Care-in-the-Community plants have made it! They have grown into stunning plants that show what can be achieved with a care, some coaxing, and a little extra effort.

Michelle 3

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