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New Flower Seed Varieties

A great deal of expertise, time and energy is spent creating and maintaining our comprehensive flower seed range with much of it being completed at least a year in advance. The world is scoured for exciting new varieties which are then tested in our onsite laboratory and grown on at our nearby trial grounds to check for ease of growing, trueness to type, quality, etc. Only when we are completely satisfied will we consider adding a variety to our range.

Our 2016 seed range is now complete and is available both online and in our 2016 Seed Catalogue. It includes a good mix of exciting new varieties and old much-loved favourites.

New Flower Seed Varieties
The page number given relates to the 2016 Seed Catalogue but a link to the specific web page is also given.

Cosmos Xanthos

Ageratum Golden Sun – vibrant golden- yellow scented blooms loved by butterflies and bees. (See page 54)

Antirrhinum F1 Picasso Splash – unusual mosaic flower pattern in a mix of lemon, yellow and red. Perfect for cutting. (See page 56)

Blue Woodruff Blue Shades – masses of lavender-blue scented blooms. Flowers for months! (See page 57)

Cosmos Xanthos – The world’s first yellow cosmos! (See page 61)

Geranium Fi Mint Choc – early flowering mix of candy and cherry pink colours with dark, almost chocolate foliage with a mint green edge. (See page 63)


TithoniaMarigold (African) Key Lime – long-stemmed lime-yellow flowers that will last for up to 3 weeks. Perfect for cutting. (See page 69)

Sweet Pea Floribunda Sublime Scent Mix – strong fragrance and showy flowers, our best ever sweet pea! (See page 51)

Sweet Pea Distant Horizons – a pack of 50 seeds including a blend of all types to give the most comprehensive colour range ever. (See page 51)

Sweet Pea Showbench Mix (Spencer Type) – specially selected show varieties. (See page 51)

Tagetes Lucida – highly aromatic foliage with clusters of sweet-scented golden flowers. (See page 77)


Tithonia Orange (Mexican Sunflower) – vibrant late-flowering dahlia like flowers. (See page 77)

Torenia Deep Blue – exotic looking yet easy to grow, either inside or out. (See page 77)


So, as well as growing your old favourites how about spicing things up a bit with a few of these wonderful new varieties? They may become your old favourites in the future.

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