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The Floribunda Sweet Pea

Suttons Horticultural Manager, Tom Sharples, has been in the seed trade for over 40 years and it takes something really special to get his pulse racing but the new Floribunda Sweet Pea has done just that.

This new breed of sweet pea has been created by crossing the heirloom “Grandiflora” type with the more recent “Spencer” and so getting a combination of the best of the two.

Sweet pea Cupani


Grandiflora Sweet Peas are the traditional type, the earliest being Cupani, named after a Sicilian monk and introduced to Britain in 1699. Very vigorous with an excellent scent but although they have about 4 to 5 flowers per stem the flowers are small and not very showy. So, very pretty, early flowering and deliciously scented but not showy.





Spencer Mrs Bolton



Spencer Sweet Peas typically have large frilly blooms and have become the mainstay of the exhibitor. Their name comes from Princess Diana’s family, the Spencers of Althorp House. It was their gardener, Silas Cole, who in 1901 first exhibited “Countess Spencer”, a variety that was much larger and frillier than anything else at the time. Spencer sweet peas bloom later than other varieties and are les scented but very gorgeous.




So, in essence, until now you either grew Grandiflora for their perfume or Spencer for their looks. The new Floribunda sweet pea is exclusive to Suttons and is a hybridisation between the two types. The large flowers are nearly as big as the Spencers yet have the same delicious perfume of the old Grandiflora types. Easy to grow and vigorous Floribunda really are the ultimate sweet peas.

NEW Floribunda Sweet Pea – Sublime Scent Mix
A blend of the finest highly scented new flowers available on long stems, ideal for cutting. Suttons believes this to be our best ever sweet pea and as we’ve been selling them since 1871 that’s quite some accolade!

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