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Chocolate Flowers

Chocolate Easter eggs may be a tasty treat but chocolate flowers will also give you a chocolate hit, either from their scented blooms or richly coloured foliage. Much healthier than real chocolate and as most are perennials they’ll last far longer than that moment on the lips and will not last forever on your hips.

Rose Hot Chocolate Easter is one of the most important religious festivals of the year and brings with it many customs and traditions. One of those traditions is of course the chocolate egg with about 80 million being sold in the UK each year. For those worried about calories or other health issues perhaps chocolate scented flowers are a better idea. A number of plants either look like or smell like chocolate so, they can delight both the eye and/or the nose without any calorific revenge.

Cosmos Choca Mocha
This compact Cosmos packs a powerful scent of chocolate. Flowering, and therefore smelling of chocolate, from July to October you’ll find the butterflies and bees will love it too. Like many perennials Cosmos Choca Moca needs a sunny spot in well drained soil. Deadhead regularly to encourage flowering.

Rose Hot Chocolate
Large clusters of orange buds that open to reveal chocolate coloured flowers. Easy to grow, disease resistant and very unusual.

Lonicera Chic and ChocLonicera Chic and Choc
A compact honeysuckle perfect for trailing down over a pot or for growing up a small trellis. No chocolate perfume I’m afraid but it makes up for it with the normal deliciously sweet honey scent. The flowers are a pretty pink/white, maturing to apricot gold.

Geranium F1 Mint Choc
The leaves of this early flowering Geranium are chocolate coloured edged with mint green, hence the name. And let’s not forget the pretty pale and darker pink flowers. Perfect for a pot on a sunny patio.

Begonia Non-Stop Mocca Mixed
This world famous tuberous begonia is now available in a mix of vibrant colours with the bonus of lovely dark chocolate coloured foliage.So, no chocolate flowers but plenty of rich chocolate leaves.

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