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Suttons Autumn Favourites


Many summer flowering plants will keep going right through to the first frosts and then of course there are other plants that simply come into their own during the autumn. Here’s a selection of wonderful plants to give you colour during those autumn months.Azalea Encore

Azalea Encore Autumn Princess

A stunning little plant flowering  throughout spring, summer and autumn followed by striking purple winter foliage.

Berberis thunbergii
A low maintenance shrub with yellow flowers in spring followed by attractive purple autumn foliage and red berries.

Kochia trichophylla

The aptly named Burning Bush with feathery foliage turning from pale-green in summer to copper-crimson in autumn.

Acer palmetum
Every garden needs at least one acer! Attractive throughout the year they come into their own in the autumn with their striking red foliage. Slow growing and hardy they’ll be happy in a tub if you’ve run out of space.

One of the favourite scented flowers freesias will bloom from November to March.

Dahlias come in many forms and many colours and will provide striking colour and interest right through until the frosts have blackened the foliage.

Cotoneaster horizontalis variegates
A wildlife friendly plant the silver edged leaves will turn pink and red in the autumn.

Colchicum Bulbs
Autumn flowering bulbs with names such as Dick Trotter and Alboplenum these bulbs will produce large blooms on slim stems throughout the autumn.

SternbergiaSternbergia lutea
Known as the winter daffodil this acid-soil loving bulb produces  scented blooms from September to November.

Liquidambar styraciflua
A May flowering maple with superb autumn colouring, described perfectly by the name.

Euonymus fortunei Emerald ‘N’ Gold
A fully hardy evergreen with green and gold foliage and the added benefit of flowers in May/June.

CryptomeriaCryptomeria japonica Elegans

Ideal for beds and border in sun or partial shade this Cryptomeria will give bronze red feathery foliage in autumn and winter.

Liriodendron tulipifera

Flowering in June/July the interestingly shaped leaves of this Liriodendron will turn yellow in autumn.

Nerine bulbs will produce lily like flowers in pale or deep pink from October to November. Will also grow happily indoors.



Rudbeckia comes in a variety of autumnal shades and some, like Rudbeckia Goldsturm pictured, will keep going right through to the end of October.

Ilex aquifolium

Every garden needs a holly if only for cutting a sprig to stick on the Christmas pudding. This silver-variegated Ilex will give structure to the garden all year round and will provide an interesting addition to your autumn garden.

Hedera helix Goldheart
This may be a common ivy but there really is nothing common about the beautifully shaped leaves with their splashes of gold.

Japanese anemoneJapanese Anemone
These easy to grow plants will form clumps of attractive vine-like foliage topped with pretty blooms in pink or white. They spread easily and quickly so may need to be controlled or just allow them to spread and fill your garden with late colour.

The thing I love most about cyclamen is the beautifully shaped and marked foliage but the flowers aren’t bad either! In a range of colours including white, pink, lilac and red some cyclamen are happy in pots but most will naturalise quickly in the garden.

Autumn Bedding Containers

And finally, for those with busy lives or in need of help we’ve made things really simple. Our Pre Planted Autumn Bedding Containers will give long-lasting cheerful colour.




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