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Mary Berry Rose

The Mary Berry rose was launched by Harkness at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016. Harkness began breeding roses back in 1879 which makes them still quite young compared to Suttons but far older and more experienced than many others in horticulture. Harkness roses are recognised throughout the world for reliability, flowering performance and beauty.

Named after the much-admired food writer and TV presenter, the Mary Berry rose is a tea rose. So, it has large flowers with classic pointed buds and a delicious scent.  The Mary Berry rose has very green foliage and the flowers are in shades of clotted cream and honey. So, the contrast between leaf and flower is striking. The scent is sweet and strong and being a repeat-flower the blooms will keep coming.
When Mary Berry was interviewed by Alan Titchmarsh, at Chelsea she told him “For many years I’ve bought from Harkness. I’ve always liked the idea all the rose they grow are British. They don’t import anything. I’ve been to their nursery in Hertfordshire and a I’ve always taken their advice and had great success with ‘Chandos Beauty’. We have two beds of those. It seemed very natural they had sourced the rose exactly as I wanted. I’ve waited a long time; other rose growers have asked me but I wanted to go to Harkness because I know them so well. My aim is to try not to buy flowers. I don’t know about your garden at the moment but we’ve got so, so much to pick still and its lovely.”

So, where can you buy a Mary Berry rose?

Working with Harkness Suttons are pleased to be able to offer this stunning rose to our customers. It will reach a height of 1 to 1.5 metres and will flower from June to October. Order by the end of March and your bare-root Mary Berry rose will be delivered within 14 to 21 days. It won’t fix a soggy bottom but it will be a lovely addition to the garden!

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