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Biodynamics: Lunar Wisdom or Lunacy?

the moon influences the tides on earth, can it influence plant growth?

The moon influences the tides on earth, can it influence plant growth?

After reading an article in one of the garden mags earlier this year, I was interested in the concept of biodynamics, or planting with the moon phases.  The principle is that certain times of the cycle are more suitable for planting leafy or root vegetables.  So, reading the wisdom that planting by the waxing moon (increasing to full) was best I planted seeds: lettuce, peas, beans, beetroot, carrots and parsnip, plus some potatoes.  If only I’d read it properly (too quick off the mark!), the waxing moon is good for leafy veg (to draw it up), root veg needs the waning moon (to draw down), oh dear!

When the moon was waning (decreasing after the full moon) I put in the potatoes that were left, plus some whiskery old supermarket bought ones in some big tubs, plus some more carrots.  Now, the potatoes in the tubs may have got more water due to me being more diligent with the pots, but they have grown, and were harvested long before the others in open ground (planted earlier) were anywhere near ready.  Coincidence?  I’ll have to be a bit more scientific next time.  The later grown carrots  are also much further ahead than the ones sown at the waxing moon.  The lettuce and the peas sown at the appointed time for them have also flourished, is there something in it?  It’s very interesting stuff,  I’m going to give it another try. 

They say that certain plants perform better when planted during times when the moon is in certain signs of the zodiac too, but I don’t think I’ll go there … yet!

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