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Disaster has struck..

..In the name of Blight!

Below are some piccies of the disease:


It is May, and already the English weather has been causing problems! Blight doesn’t usually occur until mid summer when the temperatures are much warmer; however in Devon the weather has been really great for the last week (unless you are a tomato).

The hot days and cooler nights have tipped the humidity at the trial grounds glasshouse the wrong way. This has caused some of the tomato trials for this season to be infected by the disease Blight.

A possibly devastating disease that affects tomatoes and potatoes when the air is moist and warm. It is highly infectious. The disease reproduces with spores that float through the air very rapidly causing all susceptible plants to be at risk.

However there are now answers to this disease…

Fruit and vegetable disease control is a new product that will significantly improve your plants chance of survival. Spray when the first signs of blight appear and you may well save the plants.

How do you tell the first signs of blight?…

Blight is difficult to detect in the earlier stages however there is a test that you can use:

This brand new technology for home gardeners that is based on a pregnancy test is the answer to gardeners all over the UK and their battle with blight!

The kit contains several tests that can be used weekly when the weather becomes warmer and the special detectors in the kit will pick up blight before it can be seen with the eye.

Unfortunately here at Suttons we where not expecting blight quite this early and have been caught out. So this is to warn you guys to be vigilant when it comes to blight!

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