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Garden regrets… (or something less drama queen-like)

I’ve been busy.  Family, friends, work, hoovering and dusting (but NOT ironing – I hate ironing), making extravagant meals far beyond my ability and shopping etc. etc.  I only just managed to take care of the small amount of veg growing that I did in the garden this spring.  So I decided to start up again next Spring and leave it to the experts this autumn / winter.

Last weekend, I ventured out into the garden and had a good look at it.  It looked awful – it needed a good clear up so I got stuck in.  I mowed the lawn, I cut back all the “stuff” (don’t ask me to name it – I figured that if it shot up so much this year, it will come back again next spring – fingers crossed eh?).  I tidied up the patio, which involved putting away the (complete waste of money) sun loungers 🙁 and emptying out most of my containers in the flower beds.

Also, picked the last of the peppers and harvested the potatoes.

I really enjoyed doing it.  Garden looks less rubbish now and there is something quite nice about working hard outside.

I know that I won’t go out there in the winter.  It’s dark and cold when I get in from work and I will be mostly snuggling with the fella in front of the wood burner eating stodgy foods watching rubbish on the tv… I mean reading mind-expanding books and definitely NOT internet shopping or going on facebook but completing crosswords.

Am slightly regretful of my decision now as I love being outside in the winter on crisp cold days wearing my favourite woolly hat and getting a cold nose.   But I guess I will have to go for a  yomp on the moors instead 🙂

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