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Giant F1 Gladiator Parsnip

A big thank you to Alison Watts & Liz West for their letter:

My friend Liz and I took over our allotment last December so this is our first year, we used mostly Suttons seeds and have grown carrots, potatoes, rhubarb, gooseberries, strawberries, sweetcorn, lettuces, marrows, courgettes, onions, peas, beans, leeks, cauliflowers, cabbages, salad leaves, radishes and beetroot.  Both being complete novices we read books and used the internet.  To be honest the parsnips were just sown and watered well during the summer, they have all been pretty big but this one so far seems the biggest. We still have a few more to dig up 🙂
Liz loves the weeding and I like the planning and sowing so between us we’re a good team.  Liz retired this June so can spend a lot of time up there, I have 3 children between 2-6 so the allotment is my sanctuary for some peace and quiet.

Giant Parsnip


Alison Watts & Liz West

To buy some of these seeds click the link below.

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