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Growtubes versus Growpots – the winner is announced!

Grow potsLast year, I wrote a short post called ‘Easy grow bag watering’ when I promised to test a Growtube in my grow bags versus the Grow pots that I normally use. Grow tubeWell I was a little unconvinced by the Growtube but I decided to give it another go this year – and now I’m even more convinced that Grow pots are superior in every way!

The main problem with grow bags is that they’re difficult to water and both of these products aim to address this problem. However the Grow pots just do it in a more reliable way – they cut into the grow bag, and allow you to add lots of water easily and quickly.  There really is no mess and no wastage. They also allow you to ‘build up’ the compost above the grow bag (see picture) alleviating another possible problem with grow bags – their shallowness.

A Growtube, in comparison, uses an inverted bottle as a reservoir and the water is distributed via a tube, with spikes that pierces the compost. Fine in theory, but I found that there is plenty of wastage between the connections. In addition it’s difficult to get the tube exactly level which causes even more wastage. In fact, after a few weeks I reverted to watering the grow bag is the traditional way – so I’ll definitely be using Grow Pots next year.

By the way, I had a great crop of tomatoes and peppers this year but was rather less successful with cucumbers…

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One thought on “Growtubes versus Growpots – the winner is announced!”

  1. wildsomersetchild says:

    I ind growpots invaluable ad use them in my raised beds as well as in growbags. I don’t have problems with growbags. I use the really deep (and more expensive) ones.

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