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Hello Gardening World

I’m back!  *waves*  The completely rubbish gardener – less green-fingered / more butter-fingered gardener has returned. 

I have read my last gardening blog which I wrote on the 20th October, over 6 months ago!  Lazy!  To be fair we have been very busy at Suttons and it has been really flipping cold so I didn’t get into the garden much.  I am very much a fair weather gardener – I did really miss pottering about outside though and have thrown self into this gardening malarkey with gusto over the past couple of weeks.  I will look forward to sharing my gardening adventures and mishaps in 2010 with you this summer. 

On first blog of the year – I will share the following ridiculous story with you to highlight the butter-fingered-ness.

  Do you remember the frog that I had in my garden last year? We had a near fatal incident in Autumn.  I picked up a pot and felt something slimy crawl across my hand and immediately screamed like a little girl.  The Fella came running out of the house thinking that I’d chopped my own hand off or something.  He looked on horrified as I dropped the pot right next to the little froggie that I had just disturbed and had made a run for it.  “You nearly decapitated Fred!” (for that is the frog’s name) he yelled as he tried to manoeuvre Fred into a safe position i.e. away from the panicking female.  Poor Fred – hope he comes back this year… but will completely understand if he doesn’t.

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