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Patio Veg Collection

With a Suttons Patio Veg Collection you don’t need a dedicated veg patch, a patio or balcony will do fine. The varieties included have been specially selected for their ease of growing in pots and for their high yield cropping.
Place your order as soon as possible and the super plug plants will be delivered in May.


Super plugs have been raised from cuttings and will want to be grown on under glass for a few weeks before being planted out. The size of the super plugs will vary according the variety but once potted up they will all quickly grow away to provide you with an ample crop this coming summer. Anyone for ratatouille?

It’s your choice whether we send you 1 superplug of each of the 6 varieties detailed below or 2 of each.
6 super plugs (1 of each variety) = £9.99
12 super plugs (2 of each variety) = £14.99

So, what varieties are included in the Patio Veg Collection?

Tomato TumblerTomato Tumbler
This vigorous, trailing variety is perfect for a patio pot or for a hanging basket. It is British-bred so happy to grow in our climate and will produce up to 4kg of delicious red cherry tomatoes.

Cucumber Outdoor Star
This prolific cropper came tops in a recent trial of outdoor cucumbers. Tolerant of summer heat (we should be so lucky!) and resistant to mildew, the fruits are best eaten when about 23cm long.

Aubergine F1 Pinstripe
This dwarf variety produces purple, cream-striped fruit. Not only do they taste delicious but they will look very attractive on your patio.

Patio Veg Aubergine

Pepper F1 Redskin
Crisp sweet and crunchy red peppers grown on a dwarf plant. Simply perfect.

Chilli Pepper F1 Apache
Neat compact plants producing a prolific crop of medium hot chillies. Perfect for patio pots or for a window box the chillies will start life green but turn to red as they ripen.

Courgette F1 Patio Star
This compact, prolific early cropper is indeed a star. Perfect for pots or a growbag (3 plants to a growbag) the leaves are spine-free and the tasty fruits are that luscious dark green. And don’t forget you can also stuff and eat the pretty yellow flowers!

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  1. Are these the plants in the 2020 patio veg collection. Received mine today but the plants were not labelled!! What has been sent???

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