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Peppers galore!

Pepper Beauty BellI am having such a fabulous year with my pepper plants! I had a few different varieties and one of them ‘Beauty Bell’ has been a really heavy cropper. It’s about 3 ft tall and in it’s own pot. I have had to pick 8 green peppers already as the plant was weighed down with them and it has another 8 or 9 already the size of an egg. I know the chances of them ripening to red is slim but I hold out hope. I have another Beauty bell but it’s in a planter with another plant and I think it prefers to be alone as it isn’t cropping quite so much yet.

The green ones I have already picked will be used in cooking over the next week or so and they do taste so much nicer than the ones from the supermarket. A little smaller, but that doesn’t matter.

I also have Redskin which I also grew last year from Suttons plug plants. It Pepper Redskinwasn’t a great summer last year and I think I probably only had two peppers per plant but already I have half a dozen or so large ones on each plant. What I do like about Redskin is that it is a small and compact bush so you can grow a few indoors on a windowsill. Just remember to leave the windows open so they can be pollinated by insects, or ‘sex’ them up yourself with a paint brush!

Another variety that was new to me this year is Romanoff. It looks like it has longer thinner peppers and so far there are about half a doz on the tall plant. Can’t wait until they are big enough to eat as we add peppers to anything with mince or stewing steak in, so we get through a few!!


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