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Planting garlic

A couple of weeks ago I spent the weekend trying to get some garlic and other over-wintering veg planted. I’ve already planted my broccoli so I thought I should add some over wintering leaf salad – I planted this in a salad bag in the greenhouse as I thought it might be easier to crop when the soil gets wet outdoors. I sowed some Spring Onion White Lisbon in a raised bed under a cloche.

Spacing garlicI also decided to plant some autumn garlic as I tried it two years with some success but didn’t over winter any veg last year. Covering the garlic clovesIt’s surprisingly easy to grow – it’s supplied as bulbs, just as you would buy in a shop. Just divide the bulbs into cloves and plant each clove; by next summer it will have grown into a bulb itself.  Each clove is spaced around 4-6 inches apart with the tip of the clove just below the surface of the soil.

There’s not much more to do now, just keep the area weed-free and wait. It’s generally ready to harvest in mid-July or early August.

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