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The Ultimate Slug killer

small hedgehog on veg patch

So here I was happily planting out some tomatoes in the garden when my daughter asks innocently “ What’s that?

A hedgehog , I reply, “What is it doing?” asked my daughter.

Eating Slugs, it likes them … “That’s nice” replied my daughter.

Our hedgehog

And its so true, I must admit it was the first time I had actually seen a hedgehog outside of a farm or zoo, Our neighbour had said they roamed his garden and was why he had raised his fence a little so they could wander about a bit more freely and encourage them.

Now hedgehogs normally eat bugs and insects (some good, some bad) and will happily snap up  slugs in the garden too. Now since the appearance of the hedgehog the slug population seems to have taken a hit and my veg is very thankful for it so please make sure to do a daily visit mr or mrs hedgehog you are always welcome!


if you don’t have a hedgehog in your garden but want another environmentally friendly slug stopper try SlugGone

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