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Tomato Boils and Bubbles

Was happily fiddling with my tomatoes the other day when I pulled back in horror.  On the bottom side of the lowest branch (or stem or whatever it’s called), were little white bubbles.  I delved a bit deeper and saw that the bottom of the main stem were covered with these white bubbles too, but were larger.  To be completely honest, they looked less like bubbles and more like boils.  It looked so horrible, I immediately went into denial and pretended that I hadn’t seen them and continued on my gardening way.  But, that evening and throughout the next day I kept getting flashbacks, so I pulled myself together and went to ask the gardening adviser…. he wasn’t in yesterday.

Now, one of the things I do here at Suttons is buy advertising so I get sent lots of gardening magazines.  I happened to be flicking through one of these mags when I came across an explanation in the “Agony Aunt equivalent” section of gardening mags.  Apparently they are “Embryonic Roots” and I should add more compost to encourage a bigger rootball…. so if I get a chance this weekend I am going to do that.

But I will be harvesting my potatoes if I get any time this weekend and quite frankly that takes priority :o)

( I will try and get pic of it this weekend)

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