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Tomatoes and Platoon moments…

It’s all coming together… my tomato plants are covered in yellow flowers and yesterday I spotted my first tomatoes! First Tomato

I have become slightly obsessed with this growing your own business. I walk in the door after work, straight into the kitchen, dumping bag, flicking kettle on (of course) and straight out the back door to make sure everything is ok.

The other day, I had what my boyfriend termed as a “Platoon” moment when I walked out the back door and spotted that my tomato plant had drooped over.  I ran over to it in what felt like slow motion yelling “NOOOOOOOOO!”  as I tried to gather it up in my arms to support it. My veg growing neighbour thought I had had some kind of horrible accident and stuck his head over the fence to make sure I was ok.  He calmly advised me to tie it to my garden light to help it stand up.  He was very kind and didn’t laugh at my complete over-reaction.

So another lesson learnt – don’t just shove the cane in and hope for the best.  Support it properly!   There is also the added benefit of not making a complete idiot out of yourself.

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