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The end result

garlic - eagerly awaited

garlic - eagerly awaited

Having dabbled in growing veg on and off over the years, last year I decided to really go for it.  An impressive harvest of lettuce, peas, rocket and broad beans really got me hooked.  This year I’m getting more ambitious with potatoes, garlic, broccoli and lots more! 

We’re having a job keeping up with the lettuce (there are limited options as to what to do with it), but  huge anticiption at the moment, as the garlic is looking good and it’s only a matter of weeks until I can harvest it.  Last years attempt was a bit small, but very powerful; this year I’m expecting good results, especially as the plants are big and strong, and look impressive.  I’d like to weave them into strings like the french onion sellers do,  fingers crossed!


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