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The season so far….

Have been wanting to blog for ages and now have the opportunity, I have a 4ft by 13ft raised bed full of last years manure in the back garden and ½ acre of allotment in the wilds of Marldon.

I planted rows and rows of potatoes, Anya’s, Roosters and news and we are now enjoying the crops on a daily basis. I planted 4 bags as well but found they did not produce as much as the ones in the ground. At the beginning of the season we had brocolli every night for about 4 weeks and filled the freezer full !! We are now into runner beans and all our neighbours, friends and friends at work recieve handfulls every few days !! and the freezer is full, hopefully they’ll be some for Christmas day !!

Have been to the allotment this morning and planted some late season cabbages- we’ll see if they grow without any sunshine and with loads of rain.

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