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Growing for Showing – The results!

growing for Showing winners

That’s it – show time!

All those weeks of sowing, growing, nurturing and care have finally come to fruition. Produce was on the table and the judges have made their decisions. And tell you what – I’m delighted.

OK, the 30 minutes it took to get each of the parsnips out of the soil was painful ( scratches to forearms and mud everywhere) and sadly not with a happy ending – most were either too big and had cracked or had small patches of canker. I got three out though – and won second prize!

My carrots were poor – again got two out without any blemishes and ‘played’ them in my collection – a creditable third prize in a hotly contested class.

Shallots – had dried nicely but out of the fifty or so I only managed a set of nine that kind of looked similar. Again a creditable third in a packed class.

Now, my main successes – small ( under 250g) onions. First prize with three cracking Red Ray‘s.Growing Red Ray Beautifully dried, tied and displayed ( even though I say so myself). Dahlia – large (and that’s over 8inches in diameter) not only won the class but was awarded the best floral exhibit at the show. That’s the first piece of silverware. Next up my gladioli, box of pansies, fibrous rooted begonias (my three exhibits were awarded first, second and third!), tuberous rooted begonia, a rather splendid fuchsia or three, spray of everlasting sweet peas and a few more dahlias of different sizes for their respective classes – loads of firsts = two more cups!! Yep, three trophies. But it doesn’t end there!

I do like a good looking collection of veg and flowers – and on the schedule there was class for a collection of just that. I put together a lovely collection of celery (three heads), some super gladioli ( five in a metal vase), more of those red onions and some nice looking coloured potatoes. And the results? First and ……another trophy!

fuchsiaSo that’s four trophies, fifteen firsts, eight seconds and five thirds. I won’t go into the shadowy world of how much cash I won – but needless to say it probably didn’t cover the cost of petrol and valeting my Mini after six journeys to and from my garden to the village hall! But who cares, I wasn’t in it for the money.

It was fantastic to see the benches groaning under the weight of our ( the exhibitors) begonias, large onions and flower arrangements. It was marvellous to listen to the reaction of visitors. And of course it was delightful to eat home-made lemon drizzle cake and drink tea out of that unique to village halls green cup and saucer.


It was a great day – hard work and tiring – but marvellous. But will I do it again next year…….you never know!




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