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It’s Show Time

village show daffodil display

Displays of daffodils at village show

Spring Horticultural Show to be exact. Always a big event in our village here in Devon although on a smaller scale to the Summer Show held at the end of August.

The evening before show time is always pretty frantic. “Why on earth did I enter so many classes”  is an oft repeated rant as I race around the garden looking for the perfect Daffodil, the prettiest Primrose, the curliest Parsley, the closest matching hen’s eggs, etc. Some flowers are best picked the night before the Show, especially if rain or strong wind is forecast. Others really need to be left until the last minute but you do of course need to hunt the best specimens down and earmark them for cutting.

village show flowers display

Flowers being displayed at a village show

An early start on the morning of the Show with last minute flower picking, leek washing, vase hunting and then a dash down to the village to arrange the exhibits before the deadline – which is always far too early! Then relax and wait whilst judging takes place. Time for breakfast!

I don’t mean to show off (not much!) but I did really well this year:

  • 4x Firsts
  • 2x Seconds
  • 4x Thirds and
  • 3x Highly Commended.

Everything I entered, with the exception of the eggs, came from Suttons so the quality of the product clearly made up for my very amateur gardening skills.

I’ve been entering the Shows for a few years now and have won quite a bit but this year was special. I won 2 cups; 1 for the best overall Daffodil and 1 for the best overall veg exhibit.

Thanks Suttons!


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