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Feed the birds

I have tried various types of food to help the birds out over the winter .  I got lots of bird seed – no luck.  Got some peanuts – no luck.  I even bought some lard and made my own fat balls – no luck.  (Am not sure how I could have got that wrong – never mind)

Last week we threw some bread on the garden just to see whether there was anything out there.  We were inundated!  We have seen a crow (who we shooed away – as he looked like a big bully), 6 house sparrows – boys and girls, a male blackbird and 2 female blackbirds – who have taken to scrapping outside the back door.

The fella has taken it upon himself to keep them fed and watered and has been keeping an eye on what they will and won’t eat. They are loving the bread, peanuts and some chopped up apple – but they still won’t take the flipping bird seed!  We put a load out in the morning and when we get in from work and they are getting through all of it.  We don’t know where the nests are, but must be nearby as they are back every few minutes.  The kids must be hungry!

My favourites are the spunky little sparrows – but they are too quick for me to get  a picture – so you have a pic of one of the female blackbirds – who we think are fighting over the sole male.  (Ridiculous behaviour – I just hope he’s worth it!)

(I am going to blog about actual veg growing at some point – I have squashes and chillis in but am just concentrating on keeping them watered at the moment!)

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2 thoughts on “Feed the birds”

  1. CYeoh says:

    Good tip! Thanks. We were becoming slightly concerned that we were feeding them the bird equivalent of McDonalds so got some meal worms – which are proving extremely popular. Am now concerned this is the KFC equivalent. Surely sultanas would be their 5 a day equivalent.
    … I may be investing too much thought into this ;o)

  2. malturner says:

    Try feeding the birds sultana’s they love them especially Blackbirds & Thrush’s

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