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There’s something lurking in the wood store . . .

Slow Worm coupleOpening up the wood store for some logs we discovered that we had a squatter. This rather large and handsome slow worm has taken up residence just under the canvas flap that keeps the rain out. He pops out every now and again to sun himself – or so we thought. It looks like a very long specimen, but on closer inspection we realised that there were in fact two lying together – a pair. We try to be wildlife friendly in our garden so we’re very pleased.

The amphibians seem to be fairly plentiful too, although I’ve heard that a lot of frogs had been lost to the cold winter weather in some parts of the country. In our case we seem to have plenty of frogs of varying sizes, but we don’t seem to have any tadpoles despite there being copious amounts of spawn early in the year. It’s been mixed fortunes for tadpoles over the last few years with one good year and one year where they don’t seem to thrive. We do have a healthy population of newts this year in the pond and it’s great to watch them with a torch in the evening.

We hope that all those frogs are munching their way through the slugs and snails that are out and about in force.

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