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My Fancy Year’s Fancy Dress Flowers!

My Fancy Year - Eve Hazelton

Join Eve on her missions to raise £20,000 for CoppaFeel! with My Fancy Year!

CoppaFeel! are a fantastic charity focusing on breast cancer awareness and to raise the £20,000 Eve will be dressing up all year long, That’s 365 days of fancy dress!

We wanted to help Eve raise the money and thats how the idea of Fancy Dress Flowers was born. For every pack of Fancy Dress Flowers that we sell, 50p will be donated directly to Coppafeel! in aid of Eve’s fundraising.

What’s a Fancy Dress Flower?

Our Fancy Dress Flowers are a stunning white variety of carnation called jeanne dionis. These white flowers are great for showing the coloured dye which is absorbed by the flower and travels through to the petals.

All you need to help and grow your fancy dress flowers is a pack of our seeds, a sunny spot to grow them, and then when fully grown place them in a pot or jar with water and food colouring of your choice and watch over the next few hours and days as the white blooms transform into stunning pieces of art.


If you’d like to learn more about Eve’s fundraising activities you can head over to and check out some of those fantastic costumes.

Roll Up, Roll Up, Share Your Pictures, Win A Prize!

When you’ve finished creating your masterpiece upload your photos to our Facebook page and you could win a £30 gift voucher for

The Winner will be selected at the end of September so keep any eye on our Facebook page for other entries and the winner.


Good luck To You All!

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