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Customer Stories: Letter 1 – Joyce from Newton Abbot

Dear Sir.

As a customer of your company and seeing my Daughter-in-law’s invitation to your customer discussion evening who unfortunately was too late to receive a place at this I thought you might be interested to hear of any story concerning your seed catalogue in the 1930’s!

My father was the Head Gardener to the then Sir Vasser Smith, Chairman of Lloyds Bank at his large estate Charlton Park, Cheltenham. all their seeds were purchased from your company and I always awaited the delivery of your catalogue. In the early 30’s its cover was quite large as I remember, I believe dark green embossed type stiff paper. What attracted me more was the Royal Coat of Arms with by appointment to the then King. I would get out a p piece of thin paper, place over the emblem and with a pencil crayon over it giving me a perfect image which to me as a small child was surprising.

I still purchase seeds from you even though I am in my 50’s and have so many memories of the privilege I had of being brought up on this estate full of flowers and a walled veg garden.

Your sincerely,

Joyce Bloxham.

Permission granted to from original owner to reproduce letter and photos for our Customer Stories section.



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