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Caladium Bulbs Growing Instructions

Caladium Bulbs

Caladium originate from Brazil and are fantastic foliage plants. Commonly known as Angel Wings or Elephant Ears, they are a frost tender perennial and if planted outdoors need a rich, well-draining soil and partial shade.

Indoor planting of Caladium Bulbs

You will need a container at least 15cms deep and big enough for the bulb itself and to allow space for the roots to develop.

  • Fill the container with well-drained multi-purpose compost and vermiculite.
  • Dig a small hole in the compost (5 – 8cms deep) and place the Caladium bulb in the hole with the ‘nose’ facing upwards. If the nose is not clearly visible then lay the bulb on its side, cover with compost and pat down lightly.
  • Place the container in an area that will get good light but not direct sunlight.
  • Water regularly keeping the soil moist at all times but be careful not to overwater.
  • Add liquid fertiliser once a month to keep the foliage colourful

Once the leaves have died back store the caladium in the container ready for the next season at temperatures of 13 – 16C.

Outdoor planting of Caladium Bulbs

  • Once any danger of frost has passed and outdoor temperatures are warm the grown on bulbs can be planted into the soil or patio containers. For better results mix a rich compost with the soil.
  • Choose a sheltered location with partial shade.
  • Dig a hole 5 – 8cms deep and place the bulb in the hole and cover with soil.
  • Water regularly to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged.
  • Caladium grown in pots also should be fed with liquid fertiliser once a month to promote growth.

Unless you live in a warm part of the country then dig up the caladium bulbs once the growing season has ended and before the first frosts. Store at 13 – 16C ready to plant again next year.

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  1. Suttons says:

    Hi S Sherriff. Sorry, no, we don’t stock this variety of bulb.

  2. S. Sherriff says:

    Do you sell Caladium bulbs? And if so, are they seasonal?
    When would they be available for sale?

    Regards S Sherriff

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