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Grow your own Union Jack Flag planting design

Always ensure that the risk of frost has passed before you plant into the garden. For planting into the garden, ensure that the soil has been dug over and lumps broken down. In areas where the existing soil is poor, incorporate compost before planting. Lay the biodegradable planting plan straight onto the prepared bed; you will need an area of 80cm x 100cm to lay the plan out on, with the areas at the top and bottom of the design
(which are clearly marked), needing to be tucked into the soil to ensure the plan does not blow away (there is no side edge to tuck in).

We grew our flag with 105 petunias and you can Plant up your flag as per the plan below, making a cut at each of the points indicated and simply planting your young plants through into the earth below.

Allow 16 red plants for the horizontal central band, and a further 3 red plants for the vertical band; plant in a staggered formation as indicated.

  • Allow 4 further red plants for each of the four diagonal bands.
  • Allow 17 blue plants for each quarter of the flag, as indicated.
  • Allow 11 white plants for each quarter of the flag, as indicated.

Space the plants out evenly to allow for growth and even spread along the areas of the guide.

Once planted don’t forget to give your plants a drink and protect them from slugs and snails. As the plants grow and mature during the summer they will naturally grow into each other and the definition between the colours may be lost slightly; you will have to trim the plants regularly to help keep the straight lines. You will find you have some small amounts of plants left over from the planting scheme; why not take the opportunity to plant up other areas of your garden, or even pots and containers, to add more celebratory colour to your garden?

To achieve a stunning summer-long display, feed and water your plants regularly. Watering below the foliage canopy of the plants will reduce marking and damage to the flowers. Removing the dead and damaged flower heads will not only improve the appearance of the plants, but will also prevent the plant putting energy into seed production and ensure that more flowers are produced.

Union Jack Flag Template

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