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Ranunculus Growing Guide


Ranunculus produce the most brilliant and stunning rose clustered blooms in a wide range of colours. They have long been a favourite for cut flowers and flower arrangements but look just as stunning grown in pots or flower beds.

Planting time

Ranunculus are ground-hardy in warmer areas and can be planted in the autumn between October and November or in the spring when the danger of frost has passed.

It is easiest to grow the bulbs in pots, overwintering them in a greenhouse or cold frame and bringing them out in spring. Good ventilation is required.

How to grow

Soak the tubers for an hour to hydrate them.

Plant into well drained and fertile soil in full sun. Incorporate well-rotted manure for strong plants. If planting in pots, put grit in the bottom of the pots and fill with a quality multipurpose compost and add some extra grit to ensure good drainage.

Plant 3-5 cm deep and 6-10 cm apart, ‘eyes’ up and claws facing down.
Grow in a sheltered position and protect from strong and cold winds.

How to look after

Water plants well during dry periods and feed with a high potash fertilizer once they start flowering. Dead head regularly to encourage more flowers.

Do not cut the foliage down until the plants are fully dormant.

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  1. After hydrating and planting do you water the bulbs? I found the information helpful .When established then you start watering presumably

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