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Citrus Trees Growing Guide

Citrus tree

Citrus trees are surprisingly hardy, tolerating temperatures down to -5°C and will thrive in most gardens given a warm sunny position. In the UK they are probably best grown in a large pot or other suitable container as this will allow them to be moved as conditions dictate. Citrus Trees will not however tolerate wet conditions and water-logging for any length of time will usually result in the loss of a plant. For this reason they should be grown in very free draining soil or compost.

A layer of stones or crocks in the bottom of the pot will aid drainage as will the addition of approx 20% sand to the compost. Ideally the compost should also be slightly on the acid side of neutral. The tree should be watered sparingly, using rain water if possible. Feed occasionally when temperatures exceed 10°C using either specialist citrus plant fertiliser if available or alternatively any general soluble feed that has good levels of nitrogen and phosphate.

Highly fragrant blossom will appear quite early in the year and will be followed by the fruits which will be ready to pick between November and February. If severe weather is a risk potted plants can be moved into a warm, frost-free greenhouse or conservatory but should not be moved to deep shade as this may result in leaf drop. Such plants should only be watered sparingly when the compost dries.

Pruning can be restricted to removal of especially unsightly or broken branches and a light trim occasionally to maintain shape. to view more and buy Citrus Trees visit Suttons

Citrus tree Moved into a conservatory

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