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Persimmon and Pomegranate Growing Guide


Pomegranate growing guide – Provence

Self fertile and hardy down to -16C. Pomegranate plants love the sun. For best results plant in a warm sunny area of the garden. Pomegranate will grow in most well drained soils but will establish more quickly in soil that is slightly acidic.

Drought tolerant but will do better if soil is kept moist. Before planting your pomegranate tree in either the garden or a large container rinse the soil from the roots. This will allow the tree roots better contact with the soil or compost and help to establish the roots quickly. Water thoroughly upon planting and every few days for the first two weeks.

Feed the plants lightly three times a year, early spring after growth has started, summer and again at the end of the summer. But be careful not to over water or over fertilise as this will cause stress to the tree.

Persimmon Growing Guide – kaki

Persimmon are self-fertile and will grow successfully in most soils but prefers well drained position in a sheltered position as young spring growth is frost tender even on mature trees. Planting against a warm sunny wall/fence will increase the chances of ripening fruit. Plant on a ridge or raised bed to raise soil temperature. Persimmons break dormancy based upon heat units not chilling hours, so don’t be worried if the tree does not start to leaf out till mid to late spring.

Hardy down to around -14C but some winter protection is needed for the first couple of years. Persimmon do not like being moved so they should be planted in their permanent position as soon as possible. The fruit needs to be harvested when it is still very hard and kept in a cool, frost free place until very soft and fully ripe.

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