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Harvest Time

Freshly dug Maxines

Freshly dug Maxines

Took advantage of the weather yesterday and dug up our remaining crop of potatoes.  We planted Maxine this year, a lovely rosy coloured potato with a very white flesh, I gave them a quick wash and put them out in the sun for a short time to dry – they looked lovely, and we have had a really good crop.  They boil really well and taste superb, I’d recommend them.

Also pulled the rest of the carrots and picked the peas that are only just coming to an end.  The calabrese is doing really well this year, and I’ve frozen some down, along with some broad beans to enjoy with our christmas dinner.  It feels very satisfying to be preserving our own home grown veg.

To me it feels like time to just clear the decks and prepare for the autumn.  I did sow a few more radishes and lettuce at the end of July, but they’re sluggish (those who haven’t been slugged to death that is, the blighters are eating them as soon as they show they’re heads!).  So I’m tempted to just let the garden rest for a while.

Surprise!  Our apple tree gave us a few ripe apples, sun warmed and beautiful.  We had apple crumble for tea – delicious!


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