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Which potato for your recipes

November is the time to start thinking about which potatoes to grow. We’ll be delivering seed potatoes from December onwards so best get your order in soon if you don’t want the disappointment of finding we’ve sold out.

How to choose the best potato for you

Once you start getting into growing potatoes it can be a little confusing. First, you have to decide what type of potato to grow – Salad, First Earlies, Second Earlies or Maincrop.  How much space do you have in the garden so how many seed potatoes do you need? How large or small do you want your potatoes and what colour flesh do you prefer?  And of course, most importantly, how do you like to eat them? New, baked, roast, mashed, boiled, as chips, etc.

Potato AnyaIf you have a large plot then you may choose to grow several different varieties, each best for a specific use. If you have limited space then you may be better selecting a general purpose potato such as that perennial favourite King Edward and maybe squeeze in a new variety somewhere.

We’ve even got a potato ideal for those who are watching their weight! Vivaldi is lower in carbohydrates and calories than other varieties.

When you do place your order please be aware that the potatoes will arrive in their own special cartons, separate from anything else you have ordered. They will be despatched between December and April but in heavy frost period we will suspend despatch as once frosted seed potatoes turn black and are ruined.

The following chart shows which cooking methods are best suited to the different varieties. We’re not saying, for example, that you can’t make chips from Pentland Javelin but we are saying that your chips would be better if you used Desiree or Kestrel.

Potato selection chart

The following chart shows which cooking methods are best suited to the different potato varieties
Boil Chip Steam Saute Roast Mash Bake New
AnyaAnya seed potatoes    
Arran PilotArran pilot potatoes from Suttons    
Axona potatoes from SuttonsAxona    
blue danube potatoesBlue Danube        
CaraCara seed potatoes from Suttons          
CasablancaCasablanca potatoes from Suttons            
CharlotteCharlotte potatoes from Suttons        
DesireeDesiree potatoes from Suttons        
ForemostForemost potatoes from Suttons        
International kidney potatoes from SuttonsInternational Kidney        
KestrelKestrel potatoes from Suttons              
King EdwardKing edward potatoes from Suttons              
Lady Christl potatoes from SuttonsLady Christl      
maris peer potatoesMaris Peer        
Maris piper potatoes from SuttonsMaris Piper              
Pentland Javelin potatoes from SuttonsPentland Javelin        
Pink Fir Apple potatoes from SuttonsPink Fir Apple    
Red Duke of York potatoes from SuttonsRed Duke of York            
Rocket potatoes from SuttonsRocket        
Rooster potatoes from SuttonsRooster            
Sarpo mira potatoes from SuttonsSarpo Mira        
Swift seed potatoes from SuttonsSwift          
Vivaldi potatoes from SuttonsVivaldi          
Winston potatoes from SuttonsWinston      

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