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Grow For Flavour Seeds

James Wong’s latest book, Grow For Flavour, combined with our corresponding Grow For Flavour range of seeds will knock your socks off! The seeds in the range have been personally tried and tasted by James and include both individual varieties and twin packs of perfectly contrasting flavours.

So, if you grow to eat and want to try something perhaps a little different that is bursting with flavour then read on. A selection of these seeds could make the perfect present for the gardener/cook in your life.

James Wong Squash

Basil Mix
“My hand picked mix of super aromatic varieties to pack a maximum flavour punch.”

Bean Stereo
Mangetout Rodney? These intensely sweet nutty beans are perfect sliced raw into a salad of roasted red onion and goat’s cheese.

Beetroot Twin pack
Chioggia – An Italian heirloom variety “perfect for lovers of gutsy classic beet flavour”.
Detroit Dark Red – “Intensely re, intensely sweet, and with no soil-like hints”

Carrot Twin pack
Purple Sun – “Inked maroon through to the core getting increasingly dark as the carrot matures. Packed with sweetness.”
Crème de Lite – “Intense carrotiness, with a slightly spicy aftertaste and skins so thin you don’t have to peel them.”

Chili Serrano
“Jalapeno’s badass little brother, this guy gives a similar bright, biting flavour but with a ton more heat.”

Chilli Trinidad Perfume
“All the fruity flavour of Scotch Bonney chillies but with zero spice.”

James Wong Radacchio

Chilli Chilaca
“Dried and smoked, it takes on a sweet, berry-like flavour with hints of chocolate.”

Wild Fennel Pollen
“Tiny grains of rich honey-aniseed fragrance. A spicy flavour enhancer to rival saffron.”

Nasturtium Leaves
“An almost inexhaustible supply of peppery leaves, watercress flavoured flowers and crisp seed pods. Possibly the most flavourful and versatile of all salad crops.”

Parsley Eagle
“The perfect two-in-one crop, masses of flat leaved parsley with sweet mini parsnips down below.”

Pea Shiraz
“Burgundy mangetout with a savoury, chestnutty taste… best picked young and eaten raw, steamed or stir-fried.”

Radicchio Mix
“Fancy Italian leaves with a refreshing crunch and grown up hint of bitterness. A wonderful contrast to many of the sugary sweet flavours of the season, like apples and pears.”

Radish Twin Pack
White Icicle – “Classic, mild radish flavour. Crisp and clean balanced with the faintest hint of earthiness when raw, these turn succulent and rich when simmered in soups, stews or curries.”
Black Spanish Long – “Sweet pleasantly earthy flavour and a more starchy, foam-like texture – in a good way. Delicious sautéed in butter til softened with a touch of nutmeg and cream.”

James Wong Tomato

Salsola Okahijiki(Land Seaweed)
“Shaggy tufts of wispy leaves that are massive in Japan. They are a regional delicacy in Italy.”

Squash Sunburst Patty Pan
“Probably my favourite summer squash, they have a nutty flavour and melt in the mouth texture.

Squash Trombonico
“”Wacky Italian cultivar with lovely, mild artichoke flavour and a long neck that’s 100% free of seeds.”

Squash Zucca da Marmeeata
“Bred specifically to simmer down into a spiced amber jam much loved in Italy. Spread over hot buttered toast, it provides one of the most civilised breakfasts around!”

Sweetcorn Earlybird
“10 times more sugary than conventional sweet corn, super early and hugely productive.”

Sweetcorn Mirai White
“Pure white form with an almost pavlova-type creaminess and super sweet to boot.”

Tomato Twin Packs: The choice of flavourful tomatoes is vast and so James has selected 4 pairings of perfectly contrasting flavours:
1) “Russian Rose meets the tangy sugar hit of Green Envy.”
2) “The old school flavour of Gardener’s Delight meets the tropical fruit fragrance of Tangerine”
<3) “Tangtastic Green Zebra takes on the intense berry-like sweetness of Rosella.”
4) “The ultimate heirloom sauce tomato San Marzano meets the perfect cherry Lidi.”

James Wong is a Kew trained botanist, 5 times RHS medal winner, author of bestselling gardening books and a television broadcaster. So, if he says something is great to grow and fantastic to taste we reckon he can be trusted!

Looking for more advice from James Wong? Check out his video below where he covers his 4 tips to supercharge the flavour of your homegrown fruit & veg.

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