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Hollyhock Throat Syrup

Hollyhock Seeds

Brandy and hollyhock flowers combine in this syrup to help soothe irritated mucous membranes, and ease a dry cough. Bringing late summer colour to the traditional cottage garden, the prolific flowers of these statuesque plants are infused to create a jewel-like cough syrup.


  • Around 50 dark coloured flowers (lighter coloured flowers make a lighter coloured syrup)
  • 400g white sugar (approx.)
  • Brandy- 15ml per 100ml of syrup

Gently bruise the hollyhock flowers.  Place 3cm of flowers in a wide-mouthed jar then cover with 3cm of sugar. Add alternate layers of flowers and sugar until the jar is full but finishing with a layer of sugar.  Leave in a warm place for up to a month, or until the sugar is nearly all dissolved.

Strain off the flowers and save any undissolved sugar for other uses in the kitchen such as jam making or stewing fruit. Measure the amount of syrup and add 15ml of brandy to every 100ml of syrup. Place in a sterilised dark glass bottle and seal well.

How to use
Take 2 tablespoons when required to ease a dry cough.  Keep refrigerated and use within 2 weeks of opening.

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