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Introducing James Wong’s New Botanical Infusions

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Grow your own natural remedies to boost body and mind with James Wong’s New Botanical Infusions range!

“It’s amazing what benefits can be acheived from harnessing the natural power of plants. With a couple of seed packs and a bit of guidance from our online recipes, you will soon be tickering away like a botanical Willy Wonka, developing your own homespun remedies for yourself or friends. Good luck and have fun!”

James Wong

There are six varieties to buy and try! So take a look and start creating your own homespun remedies!

Chamomile Seeds – Calming Sleep Soother

Create a calming green swathe of chamomile lawn and then gather the white flowers to make bath milk that will soften and soothe dry and irritated skin or a tea to calm busy minds.

View the recipes to make the Calming Sleep Soother Chamomile Tea and the Bath Milk.

Chamomile seeds Suttons James Wong Botanical Infusions range

Hollyhock – Cough Syrup Mix

The petals of the statuesque cottage garden flower, the hollyhock, make a jewel-coloured syrup, a traditional remedy for soothing irritated mucous membranes and helping to ease a dry cough. The syrup can be stored until needed.

View the recipe for Hollyhock Throat Syrup to help soothe irritated mucous membranes, and ease a dry cough


Lemon Balm – Lemon Calmer

Easily grown, brush against lemon balm to release its intense lemony aroma into your garden. Used since the middle ages to reduce stress, anxiety and to improve sleep. In these hectic days, why not relax with a lemon balm tea just before bedtime?

View the recipe for Lemon Balm Tea Calmer to help improve sleep quality, quelling mild anxiety symptoms, enhancing cognitive performance.

Lemon Balm seeds

Meadowsweet – Aspirin Plant

The darling of many a TV cookery programme and described as being a cross between elderflower and marzipan, meadowsweet is the fashionable new flavour on the block but it has more traditionally been sought after for its natural pain-relieving properties. Be wary of giving to children under 16, anyone allergic to aspirin or if pregnant.

View the recipe to make the Meadowsweet Cordial traditionally used to treat headaches and fevers.

Meadowsweet Cordial

Mint – Menthol Soother

Quite apart from its many culinary uses and attraction to bees, mint is renowned for easing upset tums too. To create a more potent tonic, combine with that other garden apothecary favourite, chamomile!

View the recipe for Soothing Mint and Chamomile Popsicles to soothe an upset tum.

Soothing Mint

St John’s Wort – Healing Balm

Well known in recent times for its medicinal use in the treatment of depression, St John’s Wort is a versatile plant that has more traditionally been used as a topical antiseptic and anti-inflammatory wound healer. You can use it as an oil or turn it into a soothing balm.

Easily grown and adding a splash of yellow to summer borders, St John’s Wort produces a profusion of flowers which when harvested, bruised and left to steep in sunflower oil on a sunny windowsill, magically turns the oil from yellow to bright red, by which time it is ready to do its stuff next time you get into a scrape!

View the recipe for St John’s Wort Healing Balm traditionally valued for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory wound healing properties.

St John's Wort Seeds - Healing Balm

These six sensational new additions to our James Wong range include everything from natural relievers to sleep soothers, cough soothers to mood calmers. Which will you try?

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